Clipping path is a hard-edged vector masking technique that encircles some desired areas and hides unwanted image elements. Clipping paths are typically used to hide the background of an image or may be used to transform an image into any shapes, making the masked portions transparent or to any colour background. Clipping paths can be created in graphics programs then exported with an image as an embedded path or alpha channel or they can be drawn directly in some page layout applications.

Clipping images can be easily used in catalogs, flyers, brochure, magazines, posters, e-commerce websites and all other fields where usage of images are frequent. As a result clipping path service has become so popular to photographers, publishing houses, graphics design services, web developers etc.

A clipping path is a non-printing line that encloses one or more areas of a raster image that effectively says to Photoshop software, “Only print what’s inside the path and ignore everything else outside of it” Graphic Inn Studio provides quality clipping paths that will help you achieve the effects you desire for your images. Our graphics artists use the Pen Tool to accomplish clipping path tasks.

Our clipping path service is divided into six service levels:
1. Basic Clipping Path
2. Simple Clipping Path
3. Medium Clipping Path
4. Compound Clipping Path
5. Complex Clipping Path
6. Super Complex Clipping Path

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